In this free 30-minute online seminar, you will learn the three Customer Experience Secrets.

How To Optimize Your Retail Customer Experience and Skyrocket Your Mattress Profits Without the Pain of Slow Foot Traffic

All without complicated tools, training programs, or useless sales and marketing methods.

Here's what you will take away from watching this webinar

Secret #1

A Mattress RSA using REVEAL by XSENSOR to help a customer find the perfect bed.

What you will learn

How to use science and technology to gain the trust and credibility of your customers like doctors do.

Secret #2

A salesperson helping a couple test a mattress.

What you will understand

The key to closing more customers and why your sales team will beg you to use it.

Secret #3

A sales associated showing a potential customer a brochure.

What you will experience

The marketing hacks your competition and direct-to-consumer companies don’t know about and how to leverage them to your advantage.