Plantar Pressure Mapping Applications for Performance & Rehab (Part 1):

Developing a Baseline Profile for Athletes


In the first webinar of XSENSOR’s all-new ‘Plantar Pressure Mapping Applications for Performance and Rehab’ series, we explore in detail the concepts of baseline profiling using plantar pressure measurements.

Presenter Antonio Robustelli (Sports Performance Scientist & Technologist with OmniAthlete Performance Concept) introduces the fundamental methodological aspects of baseline profiling, the importance of tracking deviations from baselines during a season, and the practical aspects of test standardization and periodization.

Whether you are a Sports Biomechanist or Scientist, Exercise Physiologist, Physical Therapist, Strength & Conditioning Coach, or Athletic Trainer, this webinar will help you learn, understand, and experience how leading-edge pressure mapping technology can help you develop a baseline profile for athletes.

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Trainer helping an athlete stretch his right leg.


How to use baseline profiling and measurement of deviations to monitor injury risk and support return to play.

Trainer developing a baseline for an athlete.


The importance of creating an individual baseline profile for each athlete.

Trainer reviewing plantar pressure data with an athlete.


How to practically perform a baseline measurement and how to standardize it.