If you are in vehicle design, learn how the data captured in a crash test scenario can help inform better vehicle design to improve occupant safety.

The world saw its first Crash Test Dummy back in 1949. Alderson Research Labs and Sierra Engineering created the device to track what happened during aircraft ejection, specifically noting the performance of pilot helmets and restraints. Since then, the basic idea has not changed - the need to find out what happens to a body in an emergency scenario, in as much detail as possible.

The technology to measure the impact on a body in a crash has significantly advanced. A detailed picture, with as much data as possible, is critical to improving systems and saving lives.

Here is what you will find in the ebook:

  • Understanding Design Performance Problems Due to Insufficient Impact Data
  • How Product Designers & Safety Engineers Can Address Missing Test Information
  • The Case for Incorporating High-Resolution Sensors in Crash Testing

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