Gait assessment is a longstanding practice in podiatry and athletics, but recent tools are improving methodology by leaps and bounds.

Not only does our health define how we move, but how we move has long-term consequences for mobility and well-being. For this reason, clinical and athletics professionals have long known the importance of a healthy, normal gait.

But how does one go about measuring it? True, researchers and doctors have used visual assessment for decades to form an impression of movement and use it to take corrective measures. Over time, those tools have improved steadily, giving us more and more insight into the mechanics of individuals – and the human population as a whole. But only recently have those methods truly entered the modern age.

One of the most essential tools in measuring gait is plantar pressure data. This has involved understanding force and foot function and leveraging that information to pull meaningful metrics out of plantar pressure data. With such metrics, we can develop treatment strategies that dramatically increase the likelihood of successful outcomes.

Here is what you will find in the ebook:

  • A Review of Human Gait Analysis Methods
  • Force and Foot Function
  • Analyzing Plantar Pressure Data for Meaningful Metrics
  • Developing Treatment Strategies and Predicting Outcomes

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