Helping Unlock Peak Performance: Leveraging Sensor-captured Data and Plantar Pressure Mapping for Improved Athletic Results

In clinical practice in sports science and medicine, Evidence-based Practice involves integrating scientific findings with clinical expertise and patient values to make informed decisions. The concept of Evidence-Based Medicine (EBM), introduced in 1996, emphasizes the interplay between individual clinical expertise, external clinical evidence, and patient values for optimal care.

Staying updated with evolving scientific literature is crucial to successfully implementing EBM. Practitioners must establish a systematic framework to focus on essential research while avoiding blind acceptance of evidence. EBM should be viewed as a dynamic process, combining research evidence with clinician experience and patient needs for comprehensive patient and athletic support and care.

In this ebook, Antonio Robustelli highlights the significance of gait analysis and plantar pressure mapping as fundamental movement patterns in understanding and optimizing athletic performance and injury prevention.

Here is what you will find in the guide:

  • Evidence-based Practice in Sports Science and Medicine
  • Mechanisms of Lower Extremities Injury
  • Gait Analysis and Plantar Pressure Mapping: A Basic Movement Pattern

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