Sensors enable the capture of tire data at high speeds and in multiple conditions.

Over the years, researchers and engineers have worked hard to overcome the limitations of current technology and build a detailed picture of what is occurring between road and tire surfaces. This information is critical for building an accurate profile of vehicles in motion, improving performance, and making cars safer.

Whether we are talking about cars at a racetrack or trucks on the road, heavy equipment at a plant, or tractors on a farm, good intel lies at the root of good decision-making. Unfortunately, as mentioned, that intel has historically posed a significant challenge in capturing.

No longer, however.

Recent sensors and data-capturing technology advancements have allowed us to significantly up our game when collecting complete tire footprints at any speed. The XSENSOR High-Speed (HS) Tire system has the same high accuracy and resolution as previous systems used in the static test environment, but it works on the go.

Here is what you will find in the ebook:

  • The Importance of an Intelligent Dynamic Sensing Platform
  • Case Studies in Capturing Dynamic Tire Data
  • Specifications for Sensors and Electronics in the High-Speed Tire System

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