ForeSite Intelligent Surface Mattress System

Sensor-based system to improve patient safety and clinical workload productivity now available for clinical evaluations and trials


XSENSOR Technology Corporation is introducing its AI-powered continuous skin monitoring ForeSite™ Intelligent Surface (IS) mattress solution that allows clinicians to individualize care, improve patient safety, and reduce staff workload.

The prevention of pressure injuries requires an effective data-driven, knowledge-based patient care regimen. Currently, clinicians lack the information needed to understand individual patient risk and see the location of elevated pressures. As a result, there is no way to prioritize care and confirm that repositioning has been effective in redistributing pressure, allowing the tissue to re-oxygenate.

The ForeSite IS system can continuously monitor skin risk and pressure with a mattress or an overlay, both available with integrated microclimate. It can also identify highest-risk patients and body regions using detailed image visualizations and alerting, as well as track individualized patient turn plans at the bedside and nursing station.

Clinicians and researchers are invited to contact XSENSOR to arrange a demonstration or get more information on how to participate in the global clinical evaluation or trial.

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XSENSOR's ForeSite Intelligent Surface Mattress on a hospital bed.