Best Practices in Pedorthics:

Orthotic Interventions Using In-Shoe Plantar Pressure Mapping Technology


In XSENSOR Technology’s ‘Best Practices in Pedorthics’ webinar, presenter Michele Peters (Certified Pedorthist, Founder of PedBasis MSD, Inc.) introduces the best practices for prescribing clinical interventions when using in-shoe plantar pressure mapping, like XSENSOR’s Intelligent Clinical Insoles, and other complementary technology.

Michele provides several real-world examples and a rich case study of a patient with charcot neuropathic osteoarthropathy. She presents a detailed explanation of her multidisciplinary patient-centered process, from assessment to analysis to fabricating custom orthotics that improve the patient’s stability, reduces pressure, and ultimately increases their overall quality of life.

This webinar will help you understand, learn, and experience how in-shoe plantar pressure mapping technology can provide valuable data and insight into what occurs inside footwear and how you can disseminate this information to make informed, evidence-based decisions about future interventions and understand, validate, and replicate successful patient outcomes.

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Patient fitting an orthotic to their foot.


The application of in-shoe plantar pressure mapping for clinical interventions in pedorthics.

Pedorthist examining a patient's gait.


How successful pedorthic practices implement a multidisciplinary patient-centered process.

X-ray of a foot.


How plantar pressure measurement and complementary technologies are used in clinical interventions.