Plantar Pressure Mapping Applications for Performance & Rehab (Part 5):

Optimizing Strength Training Using Plantar Pressure Mapping


In XSENSOR Technology’s upcoming webinar, presenter Antonio Robustelli (Sports Performance Scientist & Technologist with OmniAthlete Performance Concept) explores how to optimize strength training programming in sport using plantar pressure mapping technology.

Strength is one of five biomotor abilities and it has a fundamental role in sports performance, maximizing overall athleticism in both power and endurance-specific activities. The function of the foot directly affects the ability to apply force into the ground and strength development can also be negatively affected by a deficit in foot strength levels.

Plantar pressure mapping technology, like XSENSOR’s Intelligent Insoles, can assist in fine-tuning strength training by increasing one's ability to improve technique and biomechanics of an athlete. In this webinar you will learn how to interpret, understand, and use plantar pressure data in the context of strength development.

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Person doing squats.


What the role of the foot is in the process of force and power application for sport and how poor foot function can negatively affect strength development.

Person walking on a treadmill in running shoes.


How plantar pressure data can help coaches and sports professionals develop strength training programming.

Plantar pressure data.


How to interpret the force-time and pressure-time curves of plantar pressure analysis as it relates to strength.