Plantar Pressure Mapping Applications for Performance & Rehab (Part 3):

Creating a Lower Body Testing Protocol


In XSENSOR Technology’s third ‘Plantar Pressure Mapping Applications for Performance & Rehab’ webinar, presenter Antonio Robustelli (Sports Performance Scientist & Technologist with OmniAthlete Performance Concept) explores how to create a lower body testing protocol for athletes using plantar pressure mapping technology.

Lower body testing is a fundamental process where biomechanical and neuromuscular evaluation of athletes is being performed with the goal of assessing performance level and predicting the risk of injury.

Plantar pressure mapping technology, like XSENSOR’s Intelligent Insoles | Pro, is one of the most powerful tools at your disposal to help assess and evaluate lower body mechanics. When associated or combined with other manual, observational, and range of motion tests it can amplify the potential for a successful lower body testing process.

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Person standing on XSENSOR's Stance Pad Sensor with their live pressure image on a computer.


What the role of lower body testing is in sport and how you can integrate plantar pressure mapping with other complementary tests.

Male athlete performing stair jumps.


The integration between plantar pressure data, range of motion, and other manual sport-specific tests.

Athletic trainer helping an athlete with an exercise.


How to design a lower body testing protocol based on your type of sport and required specificity.