Plantar Pressure Mapping in Team Sports (Part 2):

How to Profile Football Players with XSENSOR’s Intelligent Insoles


In XSENSOR Technology's second online seminar of the 'Plantar Pressure Mapping in Team Sports' series, we explore using the Intelligent Insoles system to assess and profile football players.

Football, or soccer, is a team sport where high-intensity running represents a critical performance factor, and the ability to sustain high-intensity efforts and repeated changes of direction during a game is paramount.

Plantar pressure mapping technology, like XSENSOR’s Intelligent Insoles, is an ideal solution used to analyze the running biomechanics of individual football team players to support their performance and decrease the risk of injury.

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A soccer player going for the ball.


The characteristics of football and the different abilities and actions required to develop optimal performance and skill.

A coach installing XSENSOR's Intelligent Insoles | Pro toolkit.


How plantar pressure mapping technology can assist sports biomechanists and coaches in evaluating and monitoring football players.

Plantar pressure data of two feet shown using XSENSOR's Pro Foot and Gait software.


How to use XSENSOR’s Intelligent Insoles to capture, measure, and analyze plantar pressure data for each player on a football team.