Introducing a Custom-Branded Digital Advertising & Marketing Program to Help You Attract Customers

Elevate Your Mattress Revenue With REVEAL® Solutions

The REVEAL® Solutions Digital Advertising & Marketing Program assists mattress retail businesses in attracting more customers through custom-branded digital advertising and marketing tactics. The program provides a toolkit with videos, imagery, and copy suggestions for targeted paid advertisements, social media posts, and emails to create engaging content that drives foot traffic and captivates prospects.

See the details below to understand how the REVEAL Solutions Digital Advertising & Marketing Program can benefit your retail mattress business.


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  1. Initial Setup: Collaborate with XSENSOR to understand the program's benefits.
  2. Marketing Asset Creation: Submit your logos, call-to-action (CTA), and store details for custom-branded video and imagery creation.
  3. Meta for Business Training: Set up Meta for Business ad account and develop lead generation and re-targeting audiences.
  4. Forms & Conversion/Landing Page Implementation: Optionally set up forms and landing pages to enhance conversions.
  5. Advertisement Creation: Create and publish your advertisements using XSENSOR’s training and support.
  6. Content Calendar Strategy: Use the sample Content Calendar to plan your social media posts and email marketing initiatives.
  7. Campaign Review: Review monthly to refine your strategies for optimal outcomes.
A Retail Sales Associate helps a customer find their perfect mattress using the REVEAL by XSENSOR Mattress Recommendation System.
A smartphone in a person's hand showing a Meta (Facebook) advertisement.


Paid Targeted Campaigns:
  • Social Media Platform Integration: Training for Meta for Business (Facebook and Instagram); Guidance for other platforms.
  • Content Management System (CMS): Recommended for creating forms, conversion/landing pages, and CTAs.
  • Investment (Recommended): $5/Day/Advertisement = ($900/Month for 6 Advertisements). This investment is crucial for reaching your target audience effectively and achieving your marketing goals.
Organic Social Media & Email Marketing Campaigns:
  • Social Media Platform Integration: Engage prospects with educational content, testimonials, and offers.
  • Email Marketing: Newsletters and promotions to keep your store top-of-mind.
  • Cadence: Post on social media every three to four days and send monthly email newsletters.


  • Videos: Six branded videos (three Pillar and three Conversion).
  • Imagery: Six branded images (three Pillar and three Conversion).
  • Conversion/Landing Page & Content Calendar: Samples provided for inspiration and planning.
REVEAL by XSENSOR's software showing two pressure images, one of a person lying on their back and the other of a person lying on their side.


Suggested topics include testimonials, sleep tips, product highlights, REVEAL benefits, offers, and customer experiences.


Promote actions like scheduling a visit or filling out a form, which is trackable via your CMS and Meta for Business account.


XSENSOR provides comprehensive training and support through one-on-one virtual sessions, videos, or written documentation. Guidance is offered for varying applications and platforms.


In the competitive world of mattress retailing, offering a unique and personalized shopping journey can set your store apart. REVEAL Solutions transforms your store into a destination.

The complete mattress-selling turnkey solution offers an unparalleled in-store experience.

Incorporate our state-of-the-art pressure mapping technology to provide your customers with a visual representation of how different mattresses support their bodies. This engaging hands-on experience assures customers of their choice.

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